Monday, June 25, 2007

post MTV video goodness

here is a rare combination. in this post-MTV world, where the art form of video has been locked away in closets and banished to the low-quality fansites of youtube and myspace, it is truly rare to see a band spend the time and effort to build a creative, strong, and fluid music video that matches up to a song that is actually good.

i'm not saying that there aren't good videos out there [or short films in some cases] -- but in most cases anymore they are linked to really mediocre music that needs a gimmick [like a catchy, ironic, pithy viral video] to sell it.


in a clear homage to Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues [and probably INXS...], one of my newfound favorite bands [the Matches] has built a great video for Salty Eyes.

tell me that's not stunning?

Monday, June 04, 2007

i love my wife.

tami is a trooper. the due date for baby #2 [within ONE year] is only four days away, and she is ready to burst at the seams. in perfect coordination with that, our super-calm, quiet, perfect baby #1 [talia sian] has decided to cut a few more teeth and generally begin to hate life.

so, while my incredible wife gets closer and closer towards delivery, and gets proportionally less mobile, talia is crying more and leaning onto the brink of walking.

in the midst of this chaos, tami is cool. she is calm. she is smiling. she is beautiful. glowingly beautiful.

i love my wife. i hope she survives this week. :)