Thursday, May 10, 2007

today in berlin...

today i am in berlin. have been since tuesday, actually.
spent the day in hamburg yesterday working with a small group that will be planting a new chruch there in 2008. fantastic group of people -- and a really stunning city. here's a pic or two:
while i was in town, there was a massive raid by the german police on all of these alternative bookshops and theaters and artist squats. they were looking to break up the planning for the demonstrations/riots before and during the upcoming G8 meeting here in Germany. it backfired and wound up inciting some pretty stiff riots in some really fun neighborhoods.
two of the most amazing new core group members for the HamburgProjekt are Nils and Tabitha [aka pitty]. here they are with daniel, the planter for HP.
I'm sure there's much more to come as this trip goes on.
I'll be here in Berlin until Monday, working with the music teams for BerlinProjekt and learning about how we can partner with them -- as well as how to begin to create our own network for extension.

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