Thursday, May 31, 2007

eight days to go. or... who knows when?

june 08th is the due date for baby #2. that brings to mind a few remainders for the day:
1 // babies rock. especially the ones my wife makes. she's wicked good at it. so, we have another one coming, and we have been entrenched pretty deeply in a period of complete wonderment of how we got to be so blessed/lucky/crazy. the fun is really about to begin.
2 // baby names suck. we are in the midst of close deliberations about what the name for our next child will be. i'm sure that we merely need patience -- talia sian pretty much told us her name when she first met us last june, and i'm pretty sure this one will do the same. but it would be nice to feel prepared.
we have ruled out cedric, dwight, and anastasia beaverhausen.
3 // the new kate walsh album is pretty good. if you like to hide inside with a songwriter's thoughts and pore through her brain, this is the one for you.
4 // i haven't seen spiderman III yet. go ahead and kill my fun by telling me that it doesn't live up to #2, but you won't be able to disuade me. something tells me that i won't see it anytime soon. hrumph. anyway...
5 // i am lamenting the loss of the celebrity mustache. nobody did it like amgnum p.i., but could someone at least try? here's a place to work on it: what i actually would like is to see a good version of the "kenneth" show up on TV. Or, on kenneth.
6 // i need to plan a roadtrip, just to listen to this mix. i guess there's not much else to say about that.

i'll let you know when the next baby shows up.

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Sarah said...

hey steve. jamie is also lamenting the whole intersection of the baby's due date/spider man 3 being in the theaters. you guys should commiserate. ;) hope you all are doing well!