Monday, February 12, 2007

zoos with limos and tuxes are still zoos

i spent the weekend in LA. what a zoo.
in the midst of all the grammy limos and stiffs in tuxes [ooooh, did i see some fun ones] i got to do two truly fun things:
1 // Puffy. I let Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Diddy/The P. to the D. into traffic on Wilshire Blvd. he was all decked out and driving a sweet little car. I didn't know it was the P.Diddly until after he crossed my lane and was driving next to me. Fun. I got the traffic "thanks" nod from a billionaire. Kewl.
2 // KROQ. If you've ever been to LA, you know the majesty that is 106.7, the world famous KROQ. Name the rock band from the last 15 years, and they probably played on KROQ a year before they hit B-94, crazy-96, or Lazer-102 in your town. I got to listen to two full days worth of really good music, including the Cold War Kids. Listen to them. Now.

Now, here's the challenge. If you like music enough to take some of the suggestions i have offered over the past few months, take the FineTune challenge. Basically, you need to spend a few minutes and build a playlist to share with the world. Their library is HUGE, and it's VERY easy. The trick is, the list needs to be 45 songs long, with no stinkers in the middle, or whole Radiohead albums at 2/3 done.

Here mine: If you build one, link to it here.

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