Thursday, December 21, 2006

save the cheerleader. save the world.

it's christmas time, in case you missed it, and to celebrate, steven spielberg has released the trailer for the new transformers movie. it's not due out until next summer, but i am already a little jittery in anticipation.
watch the trailer here

even though the movie looks great [in a 12-year-boy-meet-millions-of-hollywood-dollars kind of way], i'm more intrigued by the recent influx of cultural phenoms that focus on saving the world. i realize it's not a new concept - in any way - to project the need of humanity, and the whole world, in order to sell the plot of a book or movie. BUT. i am somewhat amazed that that well never seems to run dry.

my wife and i are mildly obsessed [can mildly modify obsessed?] with the NBC show heroes, which offers a never-ending stream of plot lines about the slavation of mankind, and a cheerleader in texas. whether they've been charged to "save the cheerleader, save the world" or simply figure out why there are people trying to stop the annihilation of humanity, this story constantly builds toward a day of hope in the middle of pure pain.

in the show the black donnellys, the first episode shows a woman asking a simply devastating question about her unrequited love, "what if he dies and he never knew that i loved him?"

it's christmas time. in the midst of all of the world-saving madness that we see in our culture every day, do you think God asks that questions EVERY day?


Eric St.Clair said...

Yes we are hooked on Heroes also. Did you see that Peter from Heroes is also Rocky's son in the new Rocky movie. Glad to see you writing again. Merry Christmas.


Steven Mast said...

I was so excited when I saw that preview. They are gonna have an instant market with all the guys my age who witnessed the birth and apparent death of transformers. "Form blazing sword!" Oh wait, that was Voltron ;)