Friday, June 09, 2006

the rebirth of hocoby corner

after nearly a year of consternation involving two of our favorite families, and the last few months of tremendous uncertainty in our house, it looks like the corner where we live we be seeing some big changes very soon!

the simple background is this:
two of the best families we know have been working hard to move into two houses that are next door to each other in our neighborhood. right now, those houses are really a blight on the area - with constant police problems and substandard living conditions.
they agreed to a contract to buy the houses months ago, and have been working to sells theirs prior to closing on the new properties.
in january, TC and I bought a house that shares a backyard with those homes and would complete a triangle of property that share a common backyard. we moved in last february, and have been patiently waiting for the deal to happen, the next door houses to turn, and our feeling of a safe home to increase.

recently, the current owners of the houses next door have been trying to wiggle out of the deal in order to make more money... and this has caused some real wiggling in our guts about the possibility of living in our beautiful little home with a very sketchy neighbor situation for the long haul.

long story short, it looks like the contract will be honored, the sale will go through, and we will soon have treasured neighbors and a great backyard.

all praise and happiness.

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