Monday, June 19, 2006

johnny cash is a bad a**

i'm officially changing my stance [not that it was a well-known stance, but it was held true in my heart] on posthumous record releases.

why, you ask, would i ever oppose the release of a record once an artist is gone to the next and beyond? well, call me a cynic, but tupac is just making waaaaay too much money - or, i guess, his record company is - even though he's been dead almost a decade. he's more prolific than u2 [look it up] over the last ten years, and he's been DEAD most of that time.
it seems that every rap star that gets killed "in action" or "before his/her time" has an incredible catalogue of critically acclaimed music waiting to be heard when they die. the questions for me has always been, why WAIT? why didn't we hear it when you were still alive? seems fishy to me.

down from my soap box. corrected.

johnny cash is dead. but he also has a new myspace page. THIS is music that deserves to be heard once you're gone. JC on myspace.

listen. have i ever led you astray?

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