Wednesday, May 24, 2006

songs that get stuck in my head

i've got a few songs stuck in my head right now that are really bugging me. in mostly good ways, i guess, but they are still bugging me.

first, there's a tune by sia that won't leave me alone. it's called "breathe me" and it has an incredible combo of haunt, raw power, and lilting play to it that are entrancing. i think the artist is a total kook after reading her blog, but the music is still pretty dang good. "breathe me" is on the six feet under soundtrack, and i only found it through dan [i think] who will be using it this week at 242.

second, there's the whole dang mutemath collection. wow. lauren gave me their two albums and they are fantastic. the second disc [called mutemath, how creative] is like one long composition - it fits together amazingly well and is so strongly written that it seems more operatic than albumic [is albumic a word?]. check out their myspace page for some sample tunes. i think what ireally like about them is their strange resemblence to early police tunes - with a good rock slant instead of pure reggae allegiance.

third, is the stupid little song i sing to tc and the baby each morning to wake them up. the reason it's stuck in my head [besides the fact that lazy mornings are about to be non-existent] is that i wonder if the baby will recognize my voice when it shows up here on the other side? i mean, it hear's tc's voice all day every day - but i only get a few special on-call performances to bring it onto my side here... i guess i'm just reeeeeeeelly anxious and want to know who the tyke will be.

so now, we wait. with songs in our heads.
we wait.
for baby.
anyone got any really good name ideas?

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