Friday, May 05, 2006

chandler bing or lorne michael?

chandler bing is coming back to tv, and i must say, it looks like an incredible project! [i'm not joking...]
here's the deal - it looks like NBC has picked up a drama starring matthew perry that is written by aaron sorkin and tommy schlamme [best name in tv] - the guys who write west wing.
it's a behind the scenes look at a SNL-type show. could be good...but the CAST is what amazes me. look at this list:
matthew perry [friends]/ amanda peet [whole nine yards]/ bradley whitford [west wing] / DL hughley [the hughleys] / evan handler [sex in the city] / timothy busfield [thirtysomething] / steven weber [wings, etc].

looks pretty cool.
wonder if he'll still have the nubbin?

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