Friday, April 28, 2006

a few more remainders before this blog goes petrified...

almost a month between posts? hmmm, feels like i might actually have a life.

i haven't been writing much as work has gotten a bit hectic [in all good ways] and my life with TC has really begun to build toward the exciting crescendo of welcoming a squirming ball of baldness into our world in june. she and the baby seem to be doing pretty well, aside from the usual fatigue and worn-outted-ness of growing a whole person. the countdown is on, though, and we're getting closer by the day.

our easter season went pretty well at 242. i am so energized every day by the volunteers that bring focus and clarity to the ways we can use creativity to show other who God is. tenebrae/good friday was an amazing experience to be a part of, and i feel blessed to know so many incredible artists. our scripture guide for the night, kristy, was friggin' amazing. no other way to put it. she drew together seven disparate works and helped the 250 people there to tie a line through the story being told.
not that you're really interested, but if you'd like to hear a piece of the night, the sixth word [finished - a song by sw/dh] is up for download.

anyway, here's the fun stuff. i love finding it, and sharing it will all 12 of you.

the death of music
blender magazine is usually worth a good skim. this month, they have their list of the 50 things that have killed music.
kevin federline is number 12.

tom cruise running
there's too much tom-hating going on out there. i know i'm one of the worst, too. soooo, purely for the fun of it, here's a way tom can make your day a little brighter. just beware the constant pained look on his face.

the death of 7th heaven
is there room for real faith on tv? i mean, not just 7th heaven soupy, syrupy, undead christianity - or the book of daniel's painful take on the painfully pained pain-y-ness of faith...
where's the people that just happen to live in faith?


laura said...

i'm one of the 12. don't let it die, man

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