Thursday, March 02, 2006

two things that are scraping my soul

there is just too much going on to even possibly think of getting it all into the netherspace of this wimpy blog.
however, two aspects of life are really challenging me right now to ask questions, and wonder.

1 / will our beloved little house ever take a place other than as an idol in out lives? we're trying to be as conscious as possible about not letting it live there - in the land of complete preoccupation and idol-type-investment, but i'm losing the battle.
there is good news on the horizon, i believe. but it may be a ways off, and there's plenty of work to do.
the most recent fun has been the introduction of a demolition order [two years old] by the city that essentially condemns our house. we're trying to work well with the inspector and city to remedy the problem - that was never disclosed in the sale process - but we find ourselves getting wrapped up in anger and frustration. it's nothing horrible, and it's not life threatening, but it still is our home that they're messing with, and we'd love to not have the knee-deep hassle waiting for us every day when we get home.
all i need is patience, and a way to provide rest for my beautiful TC.

2 / metafilter and the soul.
i am saddened by the complete lack of awareness in most of our world of the love God has for us. read this post on metafilter [careful: metafilter is ADDICTIVE] and tell me it doesn't make you want to cry.
not one person recommends God. not one person calls on Christ.

by the way, i'm a complete snark when it comes to following fun habits. i was totally unable to do the "picture-a-day" thing for more than a day, and there's a guy out there who has been doing it faithfully for more than four years.

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