Wednesday, March 29, 2006

there will be original thought here again someday

but for now, here's two more things to slow down your brain:

the history of the world, according to the movies
this is an incredibly ambitious project, even if it is a plain-text website. it basically is trying to build a complete timeline of the history of the world, based only on the content of films. so, the adventures of bill and ted are chronicled as real history. 'nuff said. have fun

july 5th at verizon. i'm there. who else is in?
looks like a great way to spend a summer night. our baby will be about a month old then. is that too so to learn about the wheel in the sky, or open arms? you heard me right.

oh, and this picture rocks.

yes, you're seeing that properly. he crawled INTO the claw game.

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