Monday, March 27, 2006

remainders. brain spew. i'm lazy.

i guess i'm really bad at keeping up with this whole blog thing. it was like gangbusters out of the box, but now it just never seems to be in the timeline on my daily ride.

anyway, here's a bunch of remainders to keep anyone busy who's still stopping by from time to time. enjoy.

jack black should be king of a small country
he's nearly the funniest man alive. and the 30-minute pilot for Heat Vision and Jack is now online for all to see. Back in '99, good ole JB made a pilot for a TV show where he starred as the smartest man in the whole dang world, and owen wilson was his motorcycle. ben stiller directed.
I hope someone got canned for not making this a regular show. c'mon. you can't tell me that "four kings" or "joey" is better than stiller and JB in tandem!

wanna be on jeopardy?
here's how to do it. quick, time is running out.

planning on being a reality show?
if so, you can go to defamer and get some already-pixelated clothing. don't worry, you can still be all hip and crap.

for a minute there, i was sure this movie would bite
yep, what worse idea could there be than a sequel to "bruce almighty"? what about one that did NOT have jim carrey in it? yep, pretty sure it will bite. but then i learned that steve carell [the office] is starring. check it out.

snakes on a plane
yes, you heard me right. snakes on a plane. all i can ask is, how bad can Sam L. Jackson's career get?

that's enough for now. enjoy your peaches.

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pat said...

Keep on blogging...and don't worry about the infrequency. It makes me feel better when I see people who blog less than i do!