Thursday, March 30, 2006

five bands you should be listening to

i'm behind the curve on some of these, but this is what's racing through my ipod right now.

1 / the fray. i know, i know, they've made it VH1, so it's a not a secret band or anything, but they're just plain good.
2 / the afters. nathan gave me this one. sort of switchfoot-meets-thom yorke. please don't yell at me for bringing the great and mighty radiohead into this, but the front man actually sounds like Thom.
3 / Matisyahu. I know this guy has been all over the place recently, but i am absolutely entranced by the lyrics he can dance out. the best track on the record is "Old City Beat Box", which involves transitioning from traditional orthodox cantor meditation to a full-on beat box. stunning.
4 / jenny lewis. go to the video link. you'll understand why she's worth a listen. she'd friggin' hilarious.
5 / well, i could only come us with four. deal with it.

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