Friday, March 31, 2006

brain stew on evangelism

i was really convicted by bruce's talk on the basic, and most essential role that warehouse plays in charlotte. he made it simple. he boiled it down. he made it clear.
he didn't allow for any backpedaling.

the main thing: connecting people to God through Jesus Christ.
that's it. the main thing.

he didn't allow for any backpedaling.
he simply asked what we're doing about it.
all of us.

and now, we have to answer. we have to come to our senses and ask what we are doing every day - yep, every day - to make the main thing a reality in our lives.

it's a good question, and i think i have a real answer when we talk about what goes on inside our beautiful building on wilkinson, but what about outside? what should i be doing?

right now i'm sitting in drizzly san francisco, working building pretty little designs for a conference of 1000 college students. every day i'm here, i have at least 100 individual interactions with students, their advisors, and the riff raff that comes with them... and while i never back off what i do for a living, i'm not sure i've done anything about the main thing.

time for conviction? time for reality? what time is it?

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