Friday, March 31, 2006

brain stew on evangelism

i was really convicted by bruce's talk on the basic, and most essential role that warehouse plays in charlotte. he made it simple. he boiled it down. he made it clear.
he didn't allow for any backpedaling.

the main thing: connecting people to God through Jesus Christ.
that's it. the main thing.

he didn't allow for any backpedaling.
he simply asked what we're doing about it.
all of us.

and now, we have to answer. we have to come to our senses and ask what we are doing every day - yep, every day - to make the main thing a reality in our lives.

it's a good question, and i think i have a real answer when we talk about what goes on inside our beautiful building on wilkinson, but what about outside? what should i be doing?

right now i'm sitting in drizzly san francisco, working building pretty little designs for a conference of 1000 college students. every day i'm here, i have at least 100 individual interactions with students, their advisors, and the riff raff that comes with them... and while i never back off what i do for a living, i'm not sure i've done anything about the main thing.

time for conviction? time for reality? what time is it?

Thursday, March 30, 2006

five bands you should be listening to

i'm behind the curve on some of these, but this is what's racing through my ipod right now.

1 / the fray. i know, i know, they've made it VH1, so it's a not a secret band or anything, but they're just plain good.
2 / the afters. nathan gave me this one. sort of switchfoot-meets-thom yorke. please don't yell at me for bringing the great and mighty radiohead into this, but the front man actually sounds like Thom.
3 / Matisyahu. I know this guy has been all over the place recently, but i am absolutely entranced by the lyrics he can dance out. the best track on the record is "Old City Beat Box", which involves transitioning from traditional orthodox cantor meditation to a full-on beat box. stunning.
4 / jenny lewis. go to the video link. you'll understand why she's worth a listen. she'd friggin' hilarious.
5 / well, i could only come us with four. deal with it.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

there will be original thought here again someday

but for now, here's two more things to slow down your brain:

the history of the world, according to the movies
this is an incredibly ambitious project, even if it is a plain-text website. it basically is trying to build a complete timeline of the history of the world, based only on the content of films. so, the adventures of bill and ted are chronicled as real history. 'nuff said. have fun

july 5th at verizon. i'm there. who else is in?
looks like a great way to spend a summer night. our baby will be about a month old then. is that too so to learn about the wheel in the sky, or open arms? you heard me right.

oh, and this picture rocks.

yes, you're seeing that properly. he crawled INTO the claw game.

Monday, March 27, 2006

remainders. brain spew. i'm lazy.

i guess i'm really bad at keeping up with this whole blog thing. it was like gangbusters out of the box, but now it just never seems to be in the timeline on my daily ride.

anyway, here's a bunch of remainders to keep anyone busy who's still stopping by from time to time. enjoy.

jack black should be king of a small country
he's nearly the funniest man alive. and the 30-minute pilot for Heat Vision and Jack is now online for all to see. Back in '99, good ole JB made a pilot for a TV show where he starred as the smartest man in the whole dang world, and owen wilson was his motorcycle. ben stiller directed.
I hope someone got canned for not making this a regular show. c'mon. you can't tell me that "four kings" or "joey" is better than stiller and JB in tandem!

wanna be on jeopardy?
here's how to do it. quick, time is running out.

planning on being a reality show?
if so, you can go to defamer and get some already-pixelated clothing. don't worry, you can still be all hip and crap.

for a minute there, i was sure this movie would bite
yep, what worse idea could there be than a sequel to "bruce almighty"? what about one that did NOT have jim carrey in it? yep, pretty sure it will bite. but then i learned that steve carell [the office] is starring. check it out.

snakes on a plane
yes, you heard me right. snakes on a plane. all i can ask is, how bad can Sam L. Jackson's career get?

that's enough for now. enjoy your peaches.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

too much stuff, not enough life...

the best problem in the universe is to wake up and realize that there is more life going on than i have time for.
it's the best feeling ever. but it can be a little overwhelming. a little.

TC is feeling great, and the baby is in a constant state of motion. we're less than 90 days from the arrival of the wrinkly one, and i'm about giddy. it's great - i don't feel any undue pressure, but i sure wish i had more done around the house at this point. i'm sure we'll get there, but it will be a fun process!

we kicked off a bit of a new era at 242 this weekend: we moved to two sunday morning services, and it seemed to go pretty well. all told, we had close to 500 people in the arena through the morning, and no major crises arose. we'll see what happens in the next few weeks, but it was amazing to see so many volunteer teams kick it up and move forward with no major pain.

more later...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

two things that are scraping my soul

there is just too much going on to even possibly think of getting it all into the netherspace of this wimpy blog.
however, two aspects of life are really challenging me right now to ask questions, and wonder.

1 / will our beloved little house ever take a place other than as an idol in out lives? we're trying to be as conscious as possible about not letting it live there - in the land of complete preoccupation and idol-type-investment, but i'm losing the battle.
there is good news on the horizon, i believe. but it may be a ways off, and there's plenty of work to do.
the most recent fun has been the introduction of a demolition order [two years old] by the city that essentially condemns our house. we're trying to work well with the inspector and city to remedy the problem - that was never disclosed in the sale process - but we find ourselves getting wrapped up in anger and frustration. it's nothing horrible, and it's not life threatening, but it still is our home that they're messing with, and we'd love to not have the knee-deep hassle waiting for us every day when we get home.
all i need is patience, and a way to provide rest for my beautiful TC.

2 / metafilter and the soul.
i am saddened by the complete lack of awareness in most of our world of the love God has for us. read this post on metafilter [careful: metafilter is ADDICTIVE] and tell me it doesn't make you want to cry.
not one person recommends God. not one person calls on Christ.

by the way, i'm a complete snark when it comes to following fun habits. i was totally unable to do the "picture-a-day" thing for more than a day, and there's a guy out there who has been doing it faithfully for more than four years.