Tuesday, February 07, 2006

who needs heat?

wow. we were met with an avalanche of love this past weekend. [yes, i'm stealing a line from a cameron crowe movie, but it's the only way i can describe it.]
we made our big [two-block] move on saturday, and it was a majestic display of how community is really able to work in a way that keeps life moving forward - in spite of all challenges and obstacles.
what challenges, you say?
well, as of last thursday night, we had no power, water, or gas in the house, and none of the utility companies were being particularly forthcoming about when/how we would be getting these aforementioned life necessities. in fact, both the power and gas companies were being downright belligerently mean to us, and were completely unwilling to help us understand what was going on. in addition, it looked like heavy rain was due for saturday morning. we were planning on a flatbed-type moving day, and that would likely not mix well with water falling from the sky.
it looked to us that we would have to postpone the move, incur another month's rent, and well, who knows what else?

and then.

prayer is stronger than the power company.
i know this because, on thursday, the electric folks told us pretty simply not to expect power before next [this] week - if then. no amount of pleading or logical discussion was changing their minds or schedules.
the only thing that changed in the next 24 hours. was. prayer.
kenneth & laura - local warriors extraodinaire - got on the job, and. then. there. was. power.
to our amazed surprise, the power company showed up the next day, ran an entirely new line from the street, completed both on-house stubs, and installed both meters. they got the entire job done in one afternoon, and as of friday at 5, the lights were ON!

so, the move happened. the water is on. the power is on.
the gas is not. and might not be. for a while.
but chilly-in-the-hood is better than no-lights-in-the-hood.

so now we wait. and pray. for heat.

for fun, a blast from the past

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