Monday, February 13, 2006

one last day of cold?

i'm sitting in my living room right now and the thermostat reads 41 degrees. i'm guessing that's a pretty generous reading, too. the space heaters are pumping, but there simply isn't enough warm to go around.
the bright news on the horizon, though, is that piedmont gas has PROMISED us that the gas would get connected today. of course, i have trouble placing too much weight on that commitment, considering they told us that we would get hooked up last thursday, then friday, then -absolutely, we promise- on saturday.
well, thursday, friday, and saturday all came and went with no gas hookup. all three days had miserable excuses to accompany them, and all the gas company has managed to truly accomplish is to hang up on my wife. sweet TC.

i hate public monopolies. they are heartless. they have no understanding of humanity.

so i sit and wait. while i shiver.

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