Saturday, January 21, 2006

one step closer

well, we're one step closer to the new house.
i know it's only been a 30-day adventure so far, but i am really glad to see a potential end in sight. or a beginning, if you're one of those dang glass-half-full people.
the appraisal came in on friday, and so all the paperwork is done, now we just wait to find out what the closing date will be. the contract says this coming wednesday, but i don't see that happenning. it looks more like friday or monday - or maybe even later. as soon as that little party goes down, it'll be time to knock the crap outta some walls and start moving in the love.
if anyone's game, i'll supply the sledgehammers. someone else needs to bring the skill and shoulders.
no idea when we'll actually move - we're hoping for a feb 4/5 weekend deal. that would be WANDO good.
who's game?


eric St.Clair said...

I'm in. I will provide references upon request. :-)

l. koons said...

steve, i'd help you anytime - anywhere. i'm in.

laura said...

could be that the strahls are in. lemme doublechecko.