Thursday, January 26, 2006

love monkey

no, i promise i am not propositioning anyone here. i am not advertising my services as a 'love monkey' either. rather, i'm just up on my tippy-toes with joy over the new CBS show 'Love Monkey."
here's a couple of reasons i dig the show:
. tom cavanagh
. it's about the music business
. and it likes stickin' it to the man
. really, really good soundtrack [we're talking killers, badly drawn boy, talking heads, and frankie goes to hollywood.
. gooood tunes
the post the music listing each week, and are even streaming the new artists.

the basic story revolves around a goofy guy who gets fired by the super-media-conglomerate-giant-label and winds up working as the A&R guy for a little indie label. it might now be a scathing social message show, but it has its moments.

the really promising piece is how they are treating musicians in the mix. it looks like we're going to get to see a bunch of new artists develop as "new artists" on the true vinyl label - and they get to feature their music for 12+ million people a week. blurry line, i know, but i'll never argue with good tunes.

try it, it's not that bad. [tuesdays / 10pm / cbs]


Anonymous said...

I love "Love Monkey" for all the same reasons you have noted here, sir. Let's hope enough (millions of other) people tune in weekly (and/or Tivo!) to keep "Love Monkey" on the air.

Steve K.

Anonymous said...


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