Wednesday, January 04, 2006

i don't envy kickers

penn state won the orange bowl last night. in triple overtime. with an all-american in the xray booth and their leading rusher knocked out in the first series. they did it.
they went 11-1 in 2005/06. number three in the BCS. they played and won one of the most exciting bowl games in years - if you like REAL football. ball control. defense. coaching. grit. thrid-stringers in as starters - called on to win the game.
what a great night, a great game, and a great end to a comeback season for JoePa and the Lions.
bu i don't envy kickers. especially freshman kickers. this kid - yes kid - who is only 19 - was called on to win the game for a huge money-conglomerate known as college football, and to win the game for 100 teammates staring him in the eye. this kid who was still trying to find a prom date last year at this time was walking the sidelines with one of the most storied college football progams in the land sitting on his shoulders, knowcking on his helmet, wispering in his little kicker ear. 'don't miss' and miss he did. twice. both would have won the game, and he missed BOTH. and then had to try AGAIN.
the third he made. the third sent everyone home. the third redeemed him to millions watching and rooting. the third was, well, ugly. but it went through.
and penn state is back.
long live Joe Pa.

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