Monday, January 30, 2006

the deed is done

thanks to the prayers of tons of people, the hard work of danny p., the foresight of our man dennis, and the graces of the land of BIG debt, TC and I have offishully bought ourselves a house.
we closed on the beautiful duplex [that i have been obsessing over for the last month] this afternoon, and now the fun really starts. i couldn't be happier about the week to come, but i'm just a little fearful for its impact.
wednesday, thursday and friday, i'll be holed up in the place ripping down a few walls, moving some cabinets, and creating a door or two. it looks like it will be a lot of fun, and i'm really jazzed by some of the fun folks who have agreed to join in on the fun.
while i'm sledging away, TC [my gorgeously pregnant wife] will be trying to pack up our fun little current house for the big two-block move. she loves the process of moving [thank you, Lord!!!] - but it's just not easy! whew!
our maximum fun starts saturday. at the bright, ripe hour of 8am, we'll be kicking down the doors and moving the farm up the road. if you want to help, let us know [thanks to all those that have already volunteered!] and we'll provide doughnuts and lunch.

welcome to wilmore.

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