Wednesday, January 11, 2006

baseball on mint street

the party's at our place. the parking will be tough, but the locashun is waaay cool.
the march forward continues toward our possession of the new [old] mint street house. as long as no new hurdles arise in the next 15 days, we'll be moving soooooon. TC and i got into the house last night for few minutes to look around, and i'm really impressed with the condition of the place. we've got some work to do - knocking down a wall or two and figuring out where to put the dang appliances [yeah, i know, in the kitchen] - but aside from that, all we have to do is pack our entire house, but the dang appliances, and find a non-rainy day to move, shortly after we sign our lives away to the "man".
anyway... to the point. in case you haven't been watching local cable access coverage of the city council/county commission, there's fun a-brewin' on mint street.
it looks like the white sox will have a new home in uptown. no, i know it's not the real white sox, but it's their AAA little brothers from south cakalaky. the council/commission is "exploring" whether it's worth $5 million of the travel/rental car tax to bring 60+ baseball games [each with 10,000+ fans] uptown each summer. i'd say it's probably a good bet that we'd all benefit from the development of first ward like this, but those wily city folks seem to know how to kill everyone's fun, so we'll see...
the long and short of it is that having baseball in the equation is always good - for america, and for mint street. the new/proposed stadium would be in walking distance to our new little abode, and therefore would be beckoning our new child to have season tix for life.
as my grandfather [pop-pop, my willpower doughnut friend] taught me, honest baseball is the key to life. especially if the phillies are involved.

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pat said...

It would be great for Charlotte to have the baseball stadium downtown for many reasons. It still doesn't hide tha fact that major league baseball sucks, is in decline, and not on the radar for many young people. It would be interesting to see if more kids ages 5-18 play baseball or if more play soccer.

I do hope they build it downtown despite my feelings about baseball.

I also hope that people like yourself are "healed" by such diseases as "Phillyitis". I understand your long suffering pain, as I suffer from a similar ailment, "daBearsitis".