Monday, January 30, 2006

the deed is done

thanks to the prayers of tons of people, the hard work of danny p., the foresight of our man dennis, and the graces of the land of BIG debt, TC and I have offishully bought ourselves a house.
we closed on the beautiful duplex [that i have been obsessing over for the last month] this afternoon, and now the fun really starts. i couldn't be happier about the week to come, but i'm just a little fearful for its impact.
wednesday, thursday and friday, i'll be holed up in the place ripping down a few walls, moving some cabinets, and creating a door or two. it looks like it will be a lot of fun, and i'm really jazzed by some of the fun folks who have agreed to join in on the fun.
while i'm sledging away, TC [my gorgeously pregnant wife] will be trying to pack up our fun little current house for the big two-block move. she loves the process of moving [thank you, Lord!!!] - but it's just not easy! whew!
our maximum fun starts saturday. at the bright, ripe hour of 8am, we'll be kicking down the doors and moving the farm up the road. if you want to help, let us know [thanks to all those that have already volunteered!] and we'll provide doughnuts and lunch.

welcome to wilmore.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

love monkey

no, i promise i am not propositioning anyone here. i am not advertising my services as a 'love monkey' either. rather, i'm just up on my tippy-toes with joy over the new CBS show 'Love Monkey."
here's a couple of reasons i dig the show:
. tom cavanagh
. it's about the music business
. and it likes stickin' it to the man
. really, really good soundtrack [we're talking killers, badly drawn boy, talking heads, and frankie goes to hollywood.
. gooood tunes
the post the music listing each week, and are even streaming the new artists.

the basic story revolves around a goofy guy who gets fired by the super-media-conglomerate-giant-label and winds up working as the A&R guy for a little indie label. it might now be a scathing social message show, but it has its moments.

the really promising piece is how they are treating musicians in the mix. it looks like we're going to get to see a bunch of new artists develop as "new artists" on the true vinyl label - and they get to feature their music for 12+ million people a week. blurry line, i know, but i'll never argue with good tunes.

try it, it's not that bad. [tuesdays / 10pm / cbs]

Saturday, January 21, 2006

one step closer

well, we're one step closer to the new house.
i know it's only been a 30-day adventure so far, but i am really glad to see a potential end in sight. or a beginning, if you're one of those dang glass-half-full people.
the appraisal came in on friday, and so all the paperwork is done, now we just wait to find out what the closing date will be. the contract says this coming wednesday, but i don't see that happenning. it looks more like friday or monday - or maybe even later. as soon as that little party goes down, it'll be time to knock the crap outta some walls and start moving in the love.
if anyone's game, i'll supply the sledgehammers. someone else needs to bring the skill and shoulders.
no idea when we'll actually move - we're hoping for a feb 4/5 weekend deal. that would be WANDO good.
who's game?

Monday, January 16, 2006

new music recommendation

the lashes
a little bit power. a little bit punk. a little bit pop. a little bit strokes.
download and listen to sometimes the sun. it's guaranteed to put a jump in your step and a smile on your face.
chuck norris will love you for it.

chuck norris facts

#04 : The chief export of Chuck Norris is pain.
#11 : There is no chin behind Chuck Norris' beard. There is only another fist.

in all seriousness, your eyes will fall out of your head if you do not go to this list RIGHT NOW. do it. i'll wait here for you.
Chuck Norris Facts

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

baseball on mint street

the party's at our place. the parking will be tough, but the locashun is waaay cool.
the march forward continues toward our possession of the new [old] mint street house. as long as no new hurdles arise in the next 15 days, we'll be moving soooooon. TC and i got into the house last night for few minutes to look around, and i'm really impressed with the condition of the place. we've got some work to do - knocking down a wall or two and figuring out where to put the dang appliances [yeah, i know, in the kitchen] - but aside from that, all we have to do is pack our entire house, but the dang appliances, and find a non-rainy day to move, shortly after we sign our lives away to the "man".
anyway... to the point. in case you haven't been watching local cable access coverage of the city council/county commission, there's fun a-brewin' on mint street.
it looks like the white sox will have a new home in uptown. no, i know it's not the real white sox, but it's their AAA little brothers from south cakalaky. the council/commission is "exploring" whether it's worth $5 million of the travel/rental car tax to bring 60+ baseball games [each with 10,000+ fans] uptown each summer. i'd say it's probably a good bet that we'd all benefit from the development of first ward like this, but those wily city folks seem to know how to kill everyone's fun, so we'll see...
the long and short of it is that having baseball in the equation is always good - for america, and for mint street. the new/proposed stadium would be in walking distance to our new little abode, and therefore would be beckoning our new child to have season tix for life.
as my grandfather [pop-pop, my willpower doughnut friend] taught me, honest baseball is the key to life. especially if the phillies are involved.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the best pen in the world: my crisis

ok, there's no way for me to write about this without coming off as a complete sop [def #4 here] but i guess that's never stopped me before, so...
i like to write. not type. not come up with neat-o ideas. i like to write. ask my beloved TC and she'll tell you that i love to fill out forms, just for the fun of it. i will fill 'em out for no reason - just cause i can, i guess. and i love it. i have notebooks FULL of meaningless drivel - not because it needed to be written, but because i love the specific act of writing.
i've been told that my handwriting is a beautiful marriage of smooth lines and completely illegible chickenscratch. i'm ok with that, because it's sort of like putting my thoughts in a vault - there's little chance someone will be able to read them... but i got to enjoy writing them.
anyway, i digress.
the purpose of this post is simple. to sing the praises of the greatest pen ever created: the pilot varsity .04mm black ink disposable fountain pen.
now, lest you think me a real weird-o, let me explain that there are few implements of writing that allow for such a free expression of true thought as this incredible tool - built of unassuming plastic. the folks over at pilot managed to cram an incredible amount of handheld pleasure into one tiny little package, and i have been deeply in love with it since about 1996.
but here is my problem. [well, just actually one of my many problems, but you know what i mean]
for years, i traveled to college campuses for my job on a weekly basis. i was constantly on little plots of land stuck in the back recesses of nowhere towns of the midwest [see ames, bloomington, rolla, fort collins, etc] where our forefathers had seen fit to plop down pockets of great learning. now, i can tell many stories and reasons of why a college campus is a magical place, but none compares to the main and looming truth of the college bookstore.
these places are filled with mystery, magic, learning, tools, and mystical writing implements of all shape and size. for years, i was able to constantly try on new flavors of pens and pencils - ranging from liquid #2's to dry-ink space pens. and i, most importantly, had a constant source for my beloved varsity pilot fountain pen.
when my travels slowed, i had to find a new source. i felt like the junkie roaming the corners of the playground seeking my next fix - hoping to scrape up one more hit of flowing black goodness from the evil doers preying on little writing children. i was hooked. the monkey was living firmly on my back, burrowed in like a leech under my collar. i had no more supplier. there were no great bookstores here in CLT to satisfy my craving. i had to find a new link to my ink.
then, kinko's saved the day. they started to carry the VPFP. i could now slink in and consume 10 at a time, drinking the goodness.
but alas, the dream is dying. the pleasure is running from my fingertips. it appears the kinko's connection is no more, and no other store in charlotte carries these beauties. the dream is slipping away.
alas, what is a junkie to do?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

i don't envy kickers

penn state won the orange bowl last night. in triple overtime. with an all-american in the xray booth and their leading rusher knocked out in the first series. they did it.
they went 11-1 in 2005/06. number three in the BCS. they played and won one of the most exciting bowl games in years - if you like REAL football. ball control. defense. coaching. grit. thrid-stringers in as starters - called on to win the game.
what a great night, a great game, and a great end to a comeback season for JoePa and the Lions.
bu i don't envy kickers. especially freshman kickers. this kid - yes kid - who is only 19 - was called on to win the game for a huge money-conglomerate known as college football, and to win the game for 100 teammates staring him in the eye. this kid who was still trying to find a prom date last year at this time was walking the sidelines with one of the most storied college football progams in the land sitting on his shoulders, knowcking on his helmet, wispering in his little kicker ear. 'don't miss' and miss he did. twice. both would have won the game, and he missed BOTH. and then had to try AGAIN.
the third he made. the third sent everyone home. the third redeemed him to millions watching and rooting. the third was, well, ugly. but it went through.
and penn state is back.
long live Joe Pa.