Tuesday, December 13, 2005

U2 in charlotte. gloria.

another day, another amazing U2 show.
last night was the second leg of the hopkins-whitby U2 tour of 2005. after seeing them from inside the ellipse in hotlanta last month, dennis and i got to jump around with some great friends in the rabble of the general admission section...
great show. great friends.
the boys were in top form, and aside from a little wigginess on the vox mix, the sound and light show was one for the ages. the set list changed enough from ATL to make it surprising, and we got to see them end on Yahweh and 40... two of my all-time faves.
i only took about 400 pics during the show... these two can't even give an idea of how good they are.

one of the best parts of the whole experience was the little bit of understanding that TC gave me about how amazing a woman she really is. she's always amazing me in this arena [i should just get used to it...] but last night took the cake.

we had tix to go to the show together, but after D&D sold their tix, she agreed to give her wonderful general admission spot to dennis so that he and i could have a good "date-night". [her words, not mine]
how amazing a wife is that?

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