Friday, December 16, 2005

hocoby corner. the new wilmore.

my hands are shaking in a "i'm-going-to-debtors-prison" kind of way.
no, nothing bad has happenned, only good. so far.
yesterday, TC and I put in an offer contract on a house in our wonderful hood of wilmore, and WOW - the economics of the whole equation blow me away.
this photo is from when it was a condemned piece of hmmm, and it looks a bit better now. long story short, we could very soon be looking at moving our whole existence into a little duplex where we'll be renting to someone else. we'll go from renters to slumlords all in one swoop. exctiting, no doubt, but daunting with a capital -aunting. the bank is about to own us, and we're both pretty creaky people.
all in all, i couldn't be more extcited, but i'm also really wary of the whole process of getting IN the place. there are so many pieces that need to fall into place for this to happen, not the least of which is moving our whole lot of stuff there - not an easy proposition when TC is growing a baby and i'm shaking a lot more lately. not a great recipe.
but it will no doubt be worth the effort to share a backyard with two incredible families.
HOCOBY corner is about to born.


laura said...

wow. that was fast. congrats friends. let us know how we can help!

pat said...

Please call me and let me know how and when I can help with the move!

Sarah said...

i snuck onto your blog...hope that's ok. let us know if you need help, too, or any cabinets. ;)