Tuesday, December 20, 2005

d-day on the house. where's the willpower?

i'm telling you, this whole house-buying-thing has turned me into an impatient ninny. while i've always considered my grandfather's lessons in willpower to be the hallmark of my upbringing, i find myself mired in the land of but-i-wanna-know-now-now-now! sad, huh?
we got a call from the seller yesterday, and he seemed to be open to our offer - said we're "in the ballpark" but didn't give us any specifics. looks like we'll hear something more definite today... but, wow, is my patience running low! i know most people struggle through the home-buying process for months and find nothing but frustration, and we are only a few weeks into this... but i just wanna know!
ah, patience. willpower. somehow are completely escaping me.

pop-pop would be so disappointed.
every saturday that we spent with my grandparents , he would walk us down to the market on high street in pottstown - about five total blocks from his old row home on chestnut street, and he'd buy me and jenni-lee a hot doughnut. [probably a fried fastnacht, or the like] we'd walk into the bakery part of the market, and the smell would be so overwhelming so as to almost knock me down. after the seemingly endless process of selecting the perfect glob of fried dough, he'd pay the 20 cents and hand one bag to me, and one to my sister. the bags were the old brown paper lunchsacks that got very soft with the rising heat and moisture thrown off by the treats inside.
with those beautiful bags [containing unfathomable tasty greatness] in hand, we'd walk back to chestnut street, talking about what we'd do for the rest of the day. all the while, we could smell the pastry inside, and feel the warmth. but the rule was simple - no eating, or peeking - until we got home and showed mom-mom what we got.
that walk was always excruciatingly long. we're talking waiting-in-the-dentist-chair, last-five-minutes-of-the-last-day-of-school, christmas-eve-in-bed, loooong.
granted, somehow we always survived. the doughnuts were always amazing. and yes, the waiting did make them taste better.
willpower, courtesy of pop-pop umstead.
think TC will let me use this technique?

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