Tuesday, December 27, 2005

album review: paramore

actually, i guess i'm not reviewing an album here as much as i'm reviewing a band. paramore just released theri first album, called All We Know is Falling and it genuinely worth a listen.
I'm finding it more and more difficult to nail down what kind of music i "like" and what genre is my cup 'o tea. i'm just as likely to be listening to a U2 concert bootleg as to david crowder's new remix disc, as to lovedrug, as to death cab, as to the heartwood EP that nathan gave me. some days, brtiney spears could even weasel her way into the itunes shuffle, and there's more than a few indigo girls tunes on that list, too.
so, it should come as no surprise that i'm entranced by paramore right now.
this group of five kids [all 16-19] from nashville by way of mississippi have real chops. they are firmly planted in typical teen-angst-punk, but have a real knack for creating great hooks. haley, the 16-yr-old front-chick-singer has a set of pipes that made me sit up and listen immediately. the three boys backing her up all ably find their way around their instruments, with particularly string guitar leadership by josh on an old les paul and an AC30.
they're on the 'Fueled by Ramen' label, which is a good sign - they currently have Fall Out boy and TheAcademyIs... on their roster and are becoming a great home for creative new-rock and punk. the band itself shows signs of maturity - they started recording almost immediately and found a great home on myspace to show off their work. by the time they got in the real studio to record this album for fueled by ramen, they really knew how to wrangle what the need out of their lines. the fact that there's multiple voicings in each tune makes it all very listenable, but they also have carved out a nice niche in the lyrics department. they list their influences as being "from classic rock bands such as U2 and the Cure to such modern outfits as Sparta and Failure" which shows a littl depth [and makes me feel old - the cure is classic rock??]
anyway, the album itself hits its highest points in "Here We Go" and "Conspiracy", but is pretty consistent across the board. all in all, it's worth a listen. you can stream most of it on myspace, so try it out.

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