Monday, November 21, 2005

the second row U2 experience

so this is what it looks like to be in the second row of a U2 concert.
the weekend in atlanta was fantastic. we had general admission tix to see U2. my wife has never seen them live, and i have only seen them once, in spite of the fact that i have nearly 100 recordings of them in concert.
we weren't able to wait in line all day, so we were all prepared to stand way in the back of the GA section on the floor. we figured that they'd still be great "seats" and we would just soak in the experience. little did we know how cool the experience could get!!
all GA tix are scanned when you enter the arena for random selection of a few hundred fans to stand "in the elipse" - the best view in the house. the stage the U2 uses has a circular walkway that runs out from the main stage about 100 feet. inside that circle is a randomly-chosen group of people that get to see the whole show from the FRONT line.
the four of us went through the scanning process, and the three ahead of me were not selected for the eleipse. but my ticket scanned "V" for vertigo - i felt like Charlie finding the golden ticket to the chocolate factory.
the V scan entitled me to take one person in the elipse with me, but an unbelievably sweet security guard heard us talking about how to meet up with our friends afterwards, and she managed to get them V wristbands, too!
so we wound up - ALL FOUR - in the elipse. it's standing-room-only in there, and we staked out our ground about three feet from the stage directly in front of the edge's side. you can see from the pic just how close we were!
the concert was great. they put on amazing show, and the music remains challenging, broad, glowing, and energizing.

can't wait to see them again here in charlotte.

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