Tuesday, November 01, 2005

the language of a broken rib

ok, I need to admit my rising obsession with the weblog community called metafilter. it's basically a big collection of people that think they know the answers to everyone else's questions - and are willing to offer it without any reservation [or research, often].

there's actually some really solid questions and answers on here, especially in terms of quick lernin' [philosophy] or pop culture [ringu] or plenty of tech stuff. solid answers that sometimes are even right!

but the aspect of this brain candy that really intrigues me is wrapped up pretty well in this post: how much does a broken rib hurt?. [watch out for flying language...]
in short, we can witness a group of people attempting to agree on what it feels like to have a broken rib, and also diagnose whether someone's rib is broken - over the internet. simply put, it's pretty impossible to actually compare how much something hurts among people that have no other knowledge of each other. the "how much does it hurt" [what does 'a lot' mean] or "what does it feel like" part of the conversation just devolves into an unsolvable volley of opinions - all of which are valid, but not all of which make sense or come from the same origin or background of experiences.

i work in the land of post-modern christianity, and i love every changing day. my actual job usually revolves around integrating creativity, music, art, design, and all types of madness, into engaging and relevant worship gatherings. there is simply nothing about my job that i don't love. BUT... i find it interesting how often i find myself in conversations that are, essentially, "broken rib" questions. we all understand the concept of pain, but we all have different experiences that define it for US - and it is nearly impossible to communicate or understand the other side.

we all approach faith, and our interaction/service, from different and wildly divergent backgrounds, and this shows up in the ways we define who we are in faith, and how we believe others should define our interaction. these conversations are beautiful, but can be incredibly tangled in humanity.

well, sometimes we probably just need answers like this: witty songs

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