Monday, November 07, 2005

how we get people there.

Over at Amanda's Spot, there's an interesting post on the search for truth as idolatry. It's never too late to hear a new good perspective - especially from someone who works with youth, who can very easily get caught up in the cult or idol of who Christ is, instead of the pursuit of the actual person.

Amanda writes:
"His way is narrow and foolish. His way is confusing...he tells you to pick up a sword but then you get in trouble for using it. His way is offensive...he tells you to eat his flesh; or to be more true to the Greek, to gnaw on his flesh. Jesus is not the logical conclusion."

As I've been plowing through my new role on the staff of my faith home, I've come into direct contact with so many incredible perspectives on how we seek God on a daily basis. How we actually try to find Him. How we try to touch Him. How we try to experience Him in a way we can understand.
And therein lies the beauty of a fully God MAN. A person. He - who is really beyond our scope in every way - found the simplest way for us to interact with Him. To find Him.

He is a person. And that is who we seek. The person is the path to Him. And that path can be so simple that is actually difficult to comprehend.

My question then becomes, how do we, as emerging, post-modern, neo-acts, first-church, whatever-you-wanna-callit communities answer the call to lead normal people - the folks who have no idea who He really is - to Him in a genuine and creative way? What does it look like?

I love the way that UBC in Waco uses its direct connection with great music - a true leading competency for them - to show people beauty.

What are the best examples you have seen?

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