Thursday, November 03, 2005

embrace the dork within [aka magic music]

i love my wife. there's TONS of reasons that contribute to making this a simple fact, but let me outline just one.
for my birthday, she bought me tix to see the david crowder band in greenville, nc. the show was last night, and even though we had to drive nine total hours [4.5 each way] to see it, i have never encountered a more profound music experience.

now don't get me wrong, i've got a pretty solid frame of experience. i'm not a part of the christian music ghetto that only has amy grant, steven curtis chapman, and stryper concerts as my point of reference. i've seen coldplay [X&Y], U2 [elevation], nickel creek, donnie & marie, and the original genesis live. i have been to the mountaintop of live music. i have walked away from shows before saying WOW, THAT WAS FRIGGIN AMAZING.

but last night, i learned a little bit about what is possible with music.

david crowder has gone to the essence of who he is, and has been built to be from step one. as my beloved younger brother has told me for years: "embrace the dork within." david crowder has done so, and he has turned it into magic.
if you've never heard his stuff, seek it out. before you trash the thought, give him a chance.

and always remember, in bluegrass, you clap on the chuck, not the boom, of the boom-chuck.

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