Wednesday, November 30, 2005

the best day evah.

this morning was one of the best of my life.
without a doubt.

t.c. and i spent the morning listening to the heartbeat of our 3-inch-long-and-growing baby!
we have been a bit spooked, aprehensive, anxious, scared, you-name-it, because of the mutlitude of health problems that inhabit our families - and the prayer warriors have been running strong - but today, we feel nothing but joy.

there should probably be restricitions on how many whitby's there can be in the world, as we're a pretty strange bunch, but somehow we slipped past the procreation guards and have ourselves a swimmer!

everything looks healthy, and t.c. is feeling pretty good. now we just have to wait till june to meet her/him...
is it june yet?

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eric St.Clair said...

Wow! Beautiful! You two are going to be incredible parents. Do they make baby Ovations? :-)