Saturday, October 08, 2005

well used. words.

the power of simple language amazes me. especially in "church". heck, even that word has an indeterminably large bag of twisted power associated with it. not the entity, but the word. how many faith communities/plants/worship arenas/gatherings, etc, do everything in their power to NOT be referred to as a church? as if people might not know, or might not associate their baggage with us? c'mon. really? you sticking with that story?

i'm amazed by the ability some writers/lyricists have in building truly beautiful creations using only very pedestrian and simple words. that is where the true power of words is seen. not in big rhetoric, but in small, simple syllables that dance.

chris caraba - the dashboard guy - Bend and Not Break
I'm talented at breathing / especially exhaling / so that my chest will / rise and fall with yours.

conor oberst - the brights eyes guy - Waste of Paint
I have a friend, he's mostly made of pain...
Your eyes are poor / you're blind you see / no beauty could have come from me

now that's words well used.
when we get all obsessed with big words, big meanings, big ideas that have no real explanation that will work - where do we get trapped? do we really enjoy being confined but a mutt of a language that can't decide whether its coming or going?

if you don't believe me, ask someone to define faith, Christian, worship, or Bill Clinton's "is" - it's just not gonna happen without a fistfight.

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