Monday, October 03, 2005

sweaty forehead & shaking hands

the gathering at 242 this morning was smooth, short, and in need of a solid push beyond our comfort zone. dave's talk was really a breath of fresh air. i love the conversational nature of our usual talk format, but dave really ratcheted up the intensity by presenting the message in a theatrical way. by relating a piece of the story of david so thespianically, he drove home the reality of this ancient example. it's so easy to compartmentalize old testament teaching because it feels, well, distant. this morning, by taking the story into our modern context, i was able to connect more fully.
response and worship was trying today. rachel's voice was fantastic, and the technique of the musicians worked well, but i felt pretty constantly off-kilter. my hands were trmebling to the point that an average A chord was a challenge. psalm 131 worked. it flat out worked, and i want to invest more in the truly worshipful nature of peotic music, without worrying about the technical crap the binds me into myself. one simple riff of five notes - not even built into a chord - holds so much power in that song, and david's thousands of years old lyrics really entrance me.
i had a pretty shaky morning. the tremors were absolutely annoying, and my back was wrenched to the point that it made me sweat. scary, but we made it through. in the midst of these physical challenges, i really am forced [sometimes unwillingly] to rely completely on God to build a intelligible line out of my hands. it always works, yet i seem constantly untrusting.
what will it take?

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