Tuesday, October 18, 2005

sometimes you have to believe yourself

so i went to see elizabethtown over the weekend with TC, and was pleasantly surprised. i wrote earlier about how excited i was to see it, and i really have been pumped for a while now.
unfortunately, i read the reviews last week, and they tore it up!
i mean, without seemingly any exception, the reviewers called it an underachieving movie that just didn't hit the mark.
i can't disagree more. in fact, it was one of the first films in a long time that both my wife and i agreed instantly that we want to own on DVD.
the performances were solid - paula deen [the food network southern cook lady] was great, kirsten dunst got over herself just enough to keep from tripping on her own melodrama, and orlando bloom actually convinced me he's not a woman in men's clothing.
and, without question, the highlight of the flick was the most amazing use of Free Bird i've ever encountered. Cameron Crowe built a fake band [using My Morning Jacket as the basis] and created a tribute tune that is worthy of the ages.

the magic of the movie was built by cameron crowe's particular ability to meld acting and music into film. he never lopes on or manufactures with the crutch of a familliar song, and in fact used much more esoteric stuff this time around. somehow, he built it into a powerhouse of southern rock and wistful newcomers that constantly supports the story.
well done.

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