Wednesday, October 05, 2005

i found a reason - by cat power

quick review: "i found a reason" by cat power
chan marshall, a 30-ish singer with no real pop credits, put out a record filled with relatively obscure covers in 2000, and the gem stuck right in the middle is an old lou reed / velvet underground tune called "i found a reason". the whole performance is only 2 minutes long, and feels even shorter, mostly due to the barren arrangement that seems to alternately employ voice OR piano, but rarely both in conjunction. together, they form a seamless line that never seems to pause, even though there is empty space dripping all over the place.
the original song itself is much simpler and choppy than her performance would allow, and Cat Power has accomplished the truly rare: they have updated and improved a lou reed song.
what makes Chan's [pronounced Shawn] track so good is the notion that not all "pretty" songs need to avoid musical tension or follow a tested beginning-middle-end flow. the abrupt stop adds grace to the poetry instead of feeling unfinished, and her play on the lyrical bounce of 'come, come, come, to me' manages to avoid becoming campy.
overall, Cat Power has taken a song that didn't need to be remade [it was so good already] and made it better.
worth 99 cents.

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