Sunday, October 09, 2005

cameron crowe's gonna lose his job.

this has to be one of the most creative things i've seen in a decade.
find it here. it's worth watching.
i'm already drooling over the whole mash-up music thing, now i have to deal with this, too?

current fave on the mashup front: Sombody Rock Me

watch. listen. then tell me you're not addicted.


Mark Daley said...

Mr Whitby, how do you find the coolest stuff ever? This is my most recent favorite..

Still writing? I hope so. We should do a gig sometime. I'm off, see you around...


eric St.Clair said...

That was awesome! It still creeped me out. That is the creepiest movie ever. I think I watched 4 times in one day the first time I rented at 13 years old.