Monday, October 03, 2005

baffled and trapped. all in a song.

two times now recently, i've been overwhelmingly baffled by an amazing song - baffled to the point that i get trapped in it and can't seem to come up for air. it has the same feeling as when you're 11 years old and you run into an underwater stamina test that nearly breaks your lungs, and the feeling of fleeting life traps you and liberates you for a second that wraps you up for a year.
right now, imogen heap [the lead singer from frou frou] is lyrically seared into my ears with such a trembling grace that i'm now on a fifth-straight listen, with no end to the repeat button in sight.

i'm excited to hear the rest of her new album. josh a. turned me on to this one tune, and i'll be forever grateful.
there's a truly reminiscent quality to the performance, like a memory is actually skipping through while she sings. the lyrics are simply umcomplicated, but betray the depth of knowing where the pain comes from, or where she'll feel it next.

oh yeah, the song is called "hide and seek" by imogen heap. enjoy, just don't say i didn't warn you.

Imogen Heap Website

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Eric St.Clair said...

Steve. I have been listening to Frou Frou for awhile now but did not know of the Solo project. Looking forward to checking it out. If you have not listend to Sufjan Stevens' 'Greetings from Michigan' you should. It rocked my world. Oh by the way, I miss you. :)