Tuesday, September 27, 2005

so this is how it's gonna be.

every day. and i mean it. every day. i will toss together a list of absolutely no consequence to the world, and do everything i can to ensure that it remains useless.
that combined with a healthy obsession with the progression of fruitball music and rock-n-roll church should keep us all busy.

LIST ONE: top five movies with lists
1 | high fidelity
i know, it's based on a book, and doesn't hold a candle to it, but nothing beats a music list that comes from the mind of jack black.
2 | 10 things i hate about you
ok, we'll soon all learn that my love of teen flicks is almost unhealthy, but sometimes, it is validated by a poetic adaptation of a shakespearean drama featuring julia stiles. ok, let the laughing commence.
3 | se7en
yes, it should be tossed from any list because of the way it features brad pitt and gwenneth in the height of their screwed up relationtrip, but it's rare to find a film that can work an ancient catholic morality device into it's serial-killer plot.
4 | footloose
how long is the list of stuff these poor oppressed country-dancers can't do? but damn, isn't john lithgow beautifully imposing?
5 | say anything
"A career? I've thought about this quite a bit sir and I would have to say considering what's waiting out there for me, I don't want to sell anything, buy anything or process anything as a career. I dont want to sell anything bought or processed or buy anything sold or processed or repair anything sold, bought or processed as a career. I dont want to do that. My father's in the army. He wants me to join, but I can't work for that corporation, so what I've been doing lately is kick-boxing, which is a new sport...as far as career longevity, I dont really know. I cant figure it all out tonight, sir, so I'm just gonna hang with your daughter." - Lloyd Dobbler

and so it began.

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